Crista Galli Potchefstroom | Jason & Alnari

A wedding for the books!

The day started out burning hot – in fact the week prior a heat wave had everyone puffing and worrying, this part of South Africa had been caught in a tight drought for a while already. The story even went around of a few stores sold out on ice and the ice machines unable to keep up. But the weather forecast promised rain for this day, many hearts were hoping and praying – probably including the wedding flowers.

The color palette was elegant and classy, with dashes of beautiful color – just have a second look at those orchids in the vases, simply magnificent… Jason and Alnari got dressed at a friend’s house, and boy did we have room to play! Chandeliers, romantic furniture, pretty light, even a staircase.

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And by this time, clouds were building. While we were doing some group shots of the guys, a few drops splattered us back to cover. Stopped again. Chased us back to the house again with the group photos of the girls. And stopped again. Like a really good mystery movie – is it? …is it not? We terribly badly wanted it to rain, it was needed so dearly – and terribly badly wanted it nót to rain, at least for a little while here and there to get some great photos for this beautiful couple!

Alnari’s dad came to see Alnari all dressed up and ready for her big day – goosebump moments!

We were all bundling ourselves and our stuff into cars to get to the church, when the clouds came down in rivers. A bit chaotic, a little messy, quite wet – but glorious!

A heartfelt ceremony, their vows to each other so personal, fun and real. Alnari had her notes stuck on her laptop, she couldn’t get them printed in time, Jason helpfully held it for her as she read to him. And their first kiss certainly looked like it was straight from the pages of a good novel.

The rain gave way for Jason and Alnari to have their confetti exit – and they went for it wholeheartedly, throwing confetti right back at their guests!

We dropped right into a fairy tale for their wedding photos. A few rays of sunshine turned magic, the trees were freshly washed, the air cool and fresh, the newlyweds fun, in love, full of silly jokes as he bit her shoulder rather than kiss it. Around sunset we caught a few beautiful clouds, before heading off to the reception.

The wedding reception – yes, laughter, tears and celebration in abundance. Close people unafraid to tell how much they love and appreciate their friends and family, in words, in song, in dance (with sparklers!). Their shoe-game had guests almost crying with laughter, along with their twist to the garter toss: a big competition among the guys to be the sole winner of the precious garter… More laughter at the photo booth, (Alnari’s dad seriously deserves a prize for that photo, don’t you think?) many dear memories to have and to hold!

Jason and Alnari, congratulations on your very special wedding day, and thank you for having us share and capture your love, your moments with each other and your wonderful family and friends. May you always have this much fun, and always celebrate your love and lives together!

And a big THANK YOU to these awesome wedding vendors, of course:

  • Venue & catering: Crista Galli
  • Make-up: Lizelle Lourens
  • Photo assistant: Heinrich Weideman

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