Couples & Engagements

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Photos to celebrate your being together.
Just you as you are, no awkward allowed.

You’re in a sweet, blissful season in your lives: you’ve FOUND each other! After many years of searching, many lonely hours, being with several people that didn’t work out, or a jumble of these –

… this really works!

You two just click!

You’re there for each other, in small worries, in big stress, in little joys and deep happiness. You care for each other. You share your stories, your time, your chocolate. You fill your empty moments with each other, lying around cuddling, watching your fav series, hanging out at the mall, or the movies, or the park, just béing together.

You found each other!

Maybe you’re already talking about ‘long term’. Maybe he’s even popped the question. Or planning to do so. Or you’ve said your ‘I do’s’ and you’re enjoying the unity of married life.

This is a time in your lives to celebrate,

to capture,

to hold very close to your hearts.

It’s a time that, one day, you’ll to remember with a sweet smile, giggles about your silly together, a twinkle in your eye.

Make these memories tangible, visible, real and vivid and clear, something to hold onto, something that won’t fade with time.


Let’s put together your photo session

A session that gives you the space to be who you are, like you’re at home, you know – skip the awkward fiddling.

Relaxed. Silly. Hugs. Kisses. Cuddles. Lots of laughing and loving!

You’ll receive a quick questionnaire about you and the things that make you YOU – and I’ll help with ideas where to do your session and how to capture the cherished little details about your sweet ‘coupleness’.

  • How about coffee at that cute little coffee shop where you met on your blind date?
  • Or an afternoon of videogaming, or preparing your favourite dish together? (We don’t have to do the food fight… no eggs? Okay. Flour – why not?!)
  • Or let’s go horseback riding on your dad’s farm!
  • Or let’s jump on rocks in the river, stroll under majestic trees, or play in the veld?
  • We could wait for the sunrise at your very special spot…
  • … or let’s seek out great spots in town for an urban session!

Somewhere you love. Doing something you love. With the one you love. Sounds pretty good, right?

I’ll help you figure it all out, put it together, show you what to do and where to be – let’s make it an afternoon to remember!

Marlise Jacobs

Who’s behind the camera?

I’m Marlise, happily ‘couple-ing’ with my Dearest(est!) Jano for 10 years and counting! And for me – having someone to share your life with every day and every way – priceless…

I truly value relationships, to often stand still and really appreciate each other, to celebrate having each other and the unique little things that makes people different.

My small way of spreading the love? Photograph it, preserve it, share it, celebrate it!

La Gracia Couple Packages

Choose your favourite of our 3 packages:

  • You’ll receive your photos professionally edited, on disc or in a private online gallery, as you prefer.
  • Some photos will be in colour, some in black-and-white, and a few with a copy of each.
  • You’ll also get 3 versions of your photos: a copy ready for printing, a copy for using digitally (like wallpapers and profile pictures) and a copy ready to share on social media (these are watermarked for protection of both your privacy and my copyright.)
  • Bragging rights on what an awesome couple you are!

Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team…
Everything is awesome – when you’re living in a dream!

from ‘The Lego Movie’

Yes please – capture our real-life dream!