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Wedding photography

Sweet, natural photos to relive the moments and details of your wedding day a gazillion times. Have a photographer on your wedding team that gets to know you and provide loads of tips and tricks to make the most of your wonderful wedding day! Find out if I’m the right one for you right here.


Couple & Engagement sessions

You’re in a sweet, blissful season in your lives: you’ve FOUND each other! Celebrate this special time in your lives with photos that’s got YOU written all over them. This page will tell you how.



Don’t let them lay forgotten in dark and creepy places,  get your pretty pics out there! Beautiful albums, guest books and stunning prints – enjoy your photos évery day!


The Blog

Loads of pretty previous weddings and photo sessions to enjoy! Check them out over here!


Marlise Jacobs

Marlise Jacobs, at your service! 🙂

I believe in love, and the spark it ignites in our lives, that our loved ones and unique relationships are the fabric of life – and these are to be treasured and celebrated as often as we can! When people connect, really connect, with their hearts –  magic happens. It’s a magic that fuels our human hearts, a reason to keep going and to keep shining. It’s thís magic I wish to capture in a picture, a photo of you and your people, not only showing your faces, but how you félt about each other in that moment. To celebrate each of you and your beautiful lives!

Let’s tell your story, let’s celebrate you being awesome together.
Let’s capture a slice of now to remember and smile about for many days to come!

Come over to the contact page – send a message, phone, email, whatsapp, whichever you prefer. Let’s get this going!

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and to celebrate this abundant life with you!!